Former Research Assistants

Michelle Maillet

Project Coordinator and Research Assistant, McGill University (2017-2019)

Michelle is the Geography Undergraduate Program Advisor at McGill University, and started working part-time with Dr. Riva as a Research Assistant in April 2017. She holds an MA in Geography (2014) and a BA in International Development, Geography and Environment (2010) from McGill University. Before joining the Place, Health and Well-being Research Group, she worked as Project Manager for the Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change project, and as Research Assistant and Lab Manager with the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group (Dr. James Ford). Her research interests focus on issues relating to international relations and diplomacy, policy discourses and approaches, Indigenous peoples' health and well-being, Indigenous rights, climate change impacts and adaptation, and science communication. She is currently working on projects relating to housing and Indigenous peoples' health.

Sophie Birks

Research Assistant, McGill University (May-October 2018)

Sophie is a summer research assistant working with the Place, Health and Well-Being Research Group and the Comité de Logement de la Petite-Patrie. She has just completed her BSc in Environment, with an honours thesis on the relationship between population rates and air pollution rates in the community of Aamjiwnaang First Nation, located within Canada’s “Chemical Valley”. Sophie is particularly interested in environmental impacts on health, environmental racism, environmental justice, Indigenous relational ecology and Indigenous conceptions of health.

Dorothy Heinrich

Research Assistant, McGill University (May-September 2018)

Dorothy is a graduate of the Geography Department at McGill. She will be working for Dr. Riva and the Health Lab for the summer of 2018 before leaving for graduate school. Her research interests center on the cusp of physical and human Geography, environmental change, and disaster risk and community vulnerability. Under the supervision of Dr. George Wenzel, she recently completed her Honour's thesis in Geography looking at the value placed on Inuit Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in contemporary scientific practice in the Canadian Arctic. She will be working on a few projects for Dr. Riva this summer, beginning with a paper on assessing the impacts of mining on the health and well-being of Indigenous communities.

Chloé Laflamme

Undergraduate Research Assistant, McGill University (January-April 2018)

Chloé graduated with a BSc Honours in Biochemistry with a minor in Environmental Science. She is interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to health and well-being when addressing issues of environmental justice in marginalized populations. Chloé was hired as a Undergraduate Research Assistant in January 2018 to work with the Health Place and Well-being Research Group on a knowledge synthesis project examining housing and Indigenous peoples' health.

Christine Lussier

Undergraduate Research Assistant, McGill University (July-October 2017)

Christine Lussier is an Inuk currently completing undergraduate studies in anthropology at Concordia University. Working in collaboration with the village of Kuujjuaraapik in Nunavik, she has been assisting research for the Qanuilirpitaa? 2017 health survey with Dr. Mylène Riva. She aims to make a valuable contribution to this project as it explores salient features of the living conditions of Nunavimmiut. This project has narrowed her research interests in working with and for Inuit in urban and rural areas. In her future research, Christine would like to engage with conditions of education and health among the Inuit community.

Jeffery Sauer

Undergraduate Research Assistant, McGill University (January-August 2017)

Jeff completed his Honours degree in Geography in the winter of 2017. After completing his undergraduate thesis in collaboration with the Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change Research Group, Jeff sought out further opportunities to work on projects relating to Indigenous health with Dr. Riva and the Place, Health and Well-being Research Group. His research interests focus on small population health, neglected disease research, and agent based modelling. Jeff will be pursuing an MSc in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine starting in September 2017.

Former Students

Megan Wylie

MA student, McGill University (2016-2019)

Megan is a Master's student at McGill working with Dr. Mylene Riva and Dr. Sebastien Breau. Her research interests center around environmental and health justice, and the consequences of increasing income inequality. Megan is working with Dr. Riva on a project to better understand how income inequality is impacting how Canadians rate their own health. Megan completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in 2016, where she studied Environment and Business.

Charlotte Brandstrup Hansen

Visiting MPH student, McGill University/University of Copenhagen (January-May 2018)

Charlotte joined the research group in January 2018 as a visiting Master's student in Public Health from the University of Copenhagen. Supervised by Dr Mylene Riva and Dr Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen, she is completing her Master's thesis, which addresses changing living conditions and mental health in the Greenlandic Inuit. Charlotte holds a BA in public health from the University of Southern Denmark and has worked at the Research Group for Public Health in Greenland since 2016, where she mainly has been involved with the planning and data management of the Greenlandic population based surveys. Since 2016 Charlotte has also been working at the Circumpolar Health Research network assisting in the work of enhancing collaboration between researchers with an interest in health research in Arctic regions. She is interested in social determinants of health and mental health especially in remote communities and will be staying with the Place Health and Well-being Research Group until May 2018.

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Nathan S. Debortoli

Postdoctoral fellow, McGill University (2016-2018)

Nathan is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral researcher co-supervised by Dr. Riva and Dr. James Ford. His research focuses on the development of climate change, natural hazards and adaptation indices which encompass qualitative and quantitative data and indicators, and is currently building tools to map vulnerability hotspots to climate change in Inuit Nunangat.  His work also seeks to understand how traditional knowledge can increase Inuit resilience to cope with natural hazards. Nathan believes that working directly with local communities and governments can help the calibration and foster legitimacy for better indices implementation and integration. Previously he has worked as a consultant for the United Nations Framework for Climate Change, the World Wildlife Fund and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, building vulnerability indices for flash floods, landslides and drought disasters in the context of Climate Change. He has also worked for Canada’s IDRC agency developing analysis of extreme weather events and farmer’s vulnerability in southern Brazil. He holds a PhD In Geography and Sustainable Development from Université Rennes II in France and University of Brasília in Brazil. Nathan has also worked in many EU projects in the Amazon region developing land use models, deforestation and climate impact analysis, and sustainability governance scenarios.

Other Former Team Members

Emma Windfeld
Undergraduate Research Assistant, McGill University
January-April 2017

Johanna Busch
Undergraduate Research Assistant, McGill University
January-April 2017